Published: April 26, 2017

To celebrate its new intimate care range, MUNDIPHARMA will be launching its Women Wellness by BETADINE online platform, offering relevant advice in a safe and supportive environment whilst educating, informing and empowering women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families.


Presented as a website, Women Wellness by BETADINE goal is to bring women together through different topics such as nutrition, work/life balance, mental health and intimate hygiene. Experts, ranging from gynecologists to nutritionists, will be sharing informed advice to women through articles and videos.


“As we are entering a new market, it was important for us to approach it in the right way and to consider the customer that we are addressing. We wanted to create a safe place, accessible to all, where women can find informed and trustworthy health information, including news updates, health tips, resources and extensive coverage of women’s health topics,” said Henry Rosas, Marketing Director Consumer Healthcare.


The new range called BETADINE Intimate Care presents itself with two star products: the BETADINE Daily Intimate Foam and BETADINE Daily Intimate Wash, both products are designed exclusively for feminine hygiene needs and supports intimate area’s natural pH balance. BETADINE Intimate Cleansers have a unique Tri-Care formulation combined with prebiotics to provide everyday protection and maintain the pH balance of your intimate flora.


“BETADINE is a strong, well-known brand amongst doctors. For over 50 years, BETADINE has been a trusted antiseptic across many markets in patient care. But, our vision was to elevate the brand to a new level of success. We wanted to reach new consumers and empower them with our expertise and knowledge, raising awareness of a variety of women's health conditions,” said Rosas.